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Wayne Alarm: Home Security System


A recent study that interviewed more than 400 convicted burglars, revealed that around 60 percent of subjects admitted that the presence of an alarm would cause them to discontinue the crime. Research also show that homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes equipped with a system. By investing in a security system, you’ll add to your protection and peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away.


For additional safety information and security system installation, contact Wayne Alarm by calling us at: 781-595-0000 or visiting us online

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Wayne Alarm: Increasing Your Safety with Video Security



There are times when security alarms aren’t enough to secure our homes and our business, and with technologic advances, using video security changes that. It adds extra security by allowing you to see what is happening around your home and motion activated events that can occur in and around your business. Here are four reasons why having a video surveillance is the best monitor to have.

  1. Wayne Alarm has notifications set up that work with video surveillances. If your camera detects a motion activated event, you are then automatically notified with an e-mail of the event or push notification on your mobile device, which allows you to monitor what occurred at a real time and date.
  2. Wayne Alarm Systems uses Honeywell Total Connect Cameras, allows you to stream videos live straight from the Total Connect directly to your phone, tablet or computer giving you an extra layer of protection. The cameras are portable, so changing locations to monitor new areas is easy. With infrared technology, which enhances your ability to see in the dark, records 10 second clips of a motion activates event and then sends it to you to investigate.
  3. With new technology such as Skybell, we can help prevent break-ins into your business and home. When you’re a SkyBell owner, you receive a ring whenever the doorbell is pressed, or even have it alert you whenever it senses motion such as someone walks up to your front door. This allows you to remotely stream live video from your iPhone or iPad and interact with whoever is at your front door directly via two way communication. With extremely durable functions for weather, it gives you High Definition video and full color night vision.
  4. There is strong data that suggest surveillance of employees in small business can boost productivity and profits. Allowing you to stay in control of dishonest claims, maintain the safety in your work environment and allows you as the manager to spend more time in more productive ways.

Having the best security is a top request everyone seeks for their home and business. With Total Connect video, it gives you enhanced security that allows you to stay on top of whatever happens in your environment, and giving you the added layer of protection that you want.

For additional safety information and security system installation, contact Wayne Alarm by calling us at: 781-595-0000 or by visiting us online at

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Wayne Alarm: Change the Locks



When moving to a new home, hire a reliable locksmith to re-key all exterior doors. If possible, have the locksmith make the key to fit all of your new locks. Also, make sure to call Wayne Alarm Systems to transfer your home security system.

For more information on commercial and residential security systems, call Wayne Alarm Systems at (781) 595-0000 or visit us online at:


Wayne Alarm: Mobile Security Apps



With mobile apps making our lives easier, there has been a growth within the app industry to provide more protection to our lives simply by using our mobile devices. All of these apps are free and compatible with both Android and IOS.

  1.     NowSecure Mobile: We all know that companies and even sites such as Facebook can look through and collect our data. In order to protect yourself against unwanted online threats, download the NowSecure Mobile app. It monitors your phone’s operating system, network and other apps for security vulnerabilities, all while generating a code to protect your phone.
  2.     Companion: Even if you don’t have the app downloaded, Companion is a great tool that allows your friends and family, (even your local police) see where you are when you are heading to a destination, with a simple invite. The most important aspect the app provides, however, is the 15 second alarm called Smart Trigger, which checks in to make sure you are safe and if by any chance you don’t respond within those 15 seconds, alerts your companions.
  3.     Skycure:  As the Internet continues to expand, public Wi-Fi has become a threat to personal information, one that experts say can easily be enacted. Skycure, however, is an app that performs tests on wireless networks so that there are no breaches and sends you notifications on any cyber attacks you might encounter. It is advanced enough to keep track of the locations of those networks so it can prevent them from hurting apps on your mobile device or the devices of other people using the app.
  4.     Lookout:  This is an all-around security app, which allows you to find a lost or misplaced phone and backup data. Lookout also warns you about other security risks: notifies you about how to improve your phone’s security settings, tells you which apps are tracking your phone or revealing your location, and uses machine intelligence to detect threats.

5.   Webroot SecureWeb:  Although it’s more compatible with IOS 4.3 or later, Webroot SecureWeb is a great mobile browser that uses URL filtering to protect users from malicious websites. It automatically syncs with the company’s URL reputation database for protection and, search results are made to note safe and risky sites.


Sears protester: They know what happened

Richard Stelmack protests in front of Sears.

SAUGUS It’s a classic David versus Goliath battle.

The fight between Richard Stelmack of Malden and Sears has spilled out onto Route 1.

For months, the 63-year-old retired truck driver has been picketing in front of the Square One Mall.

His beef?  Stelmack said the workers who delivered his 22-cubic-foot Kenmore refrigerator last summer caused $3,200 damage to his kitchen floor.

“I noticed the gouges when the delivery guys drove away,” he said. “I made a half dozen calls to Sears customer service and customer resolution, but they gave me the run around.”

The lack of response from the retailer spurred Stelmack to march up and down the sidewalk in front of Sears with a sandwich board sign.

Since picketing began, two Sears employees have come out to talk to him. But Stelmack refused to discuss the case with them.

“What do they know about it?” he said. “These 20-something kids can’t do anything for me.”

Last fall, he heard from Border Transfer of Massachusetts, the Westwood company that made the delivery.

In the letter, Abe Matos, the company’s director of carrier relations, apologized and asked him to give them a call.

But Stelmack declined.

“Why should I have to call anyone?” he said. “I sent letters to the Sears CEO, customer service, claims resolution and the trucking company. They know exactly what happened, why did they wait so long to write me? It’s not about the money.”

Still, in February Stelmack filed suit in small claims court seeking interest and attorney fees that total more than $10,000. The court date is set for July.

Matos could not be reached for comment. Sears declined comment. 

Swampscott sizes up rail trail plan

Thomas Grillo can be reached at


Richard Covert TV: Shop Small this Saturday

Sponsored by Richard Covert TV.

Small Business Saturday is a day devoted to shopping small businesses, especially locally.  North of Boston there are many places to choose from as you perhaps decide to kick-off the holiday gift shopping.  When it comes to getting home appliances or the latest, greatest new HDTV, you can have the personal touch and care of the corner store, at Richard Covert TV in Lynn.

For 47 years his store has been open in Wyoma Square in Ward 1 of Lynn.  He has been helping families and customers to get a great product at a great value without having to get lost in a big box store of a national chain.  He treats you to top-notch customer service because he cares about your shopping experience.  He makes sure you have everything you need, from installation assistance to repair questions answered.  Mr. Covert has lots of knowledge and experience with all the major appliance and television brands.  He even has a huge selection of police radios.

If you need a new dishwasher, oven, or clothes dryer, or you want to surprise your loved one with a cool new TV, Mr. Covert can help you.

If you are looking to support a local business in the process, please stop by and say hello at Richard Covert TV.

He will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, where he always has been for his community, at 334 Broadway in Lynn.