Wayne Alarm: 4 reasons to get Total Connect



There are times when security alarms aren’t enough to secure our homes and our business, and with technologic advances, using video security changes that. It adds extra security by allowing you to see what is happening around your home and motion activated events that can occur in and around your business. Here are four reasons why having a video surveillance is the best monitor to have.

  1. Wayne Alarm has notifications set up that work with video surveillance. If your camera detects a motion activated event, you are then automatically notified with an e-mail of the event or push notification on your mobile device, which allows you to monitor what occurred at a real time and date.
  2. Wayne Alarm Systems uses Honeywell Total Connect Cameras, allows you to stream videos live straight from the Total Connect directly to your phone, tablet or computer giving you an extra layer of protection. The cameras are portable, so changing locations to monitor new areas is easy. With infrared technology, which enhances your ability to see in the dark, records 10 second clips of a motion activates event and then sends it to you to investigate.
  3. With new technology such as SkyBell, we can help prevent break-ins into your business and home. When you’re a SkyBell owner, you receive a ring whenever the doorbell is pressed, or even have it alert you whenever it senses motion such as someone walks up to your front door. This allows you to remotely stream live video from your iPhone or iPad and interact with whoever is at your front door directly via two way communication. With extremely durable functions for weather, it gives you high definition video and full color night vision.
  4. There is strong data that suggest surveillance of employees in small business can boost productivity and profits. Allowing you to stay in control of dishonest claims, maintain the safety in your work environment and allows you as the manager to spend more time in more productive ways.

Having the best security is a top request everyone seeks for their home and business. With Total Connect video, it gives you enhanced security that allows you to stay on top of whatever happens in your environment, and giving you the added layer of protection that you want.


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Lynn students want jail in suicide text case

Lynn Classical junior Louis Brooks reacts to the trial of Michelle Carter.


LYNN If it were up to students at Classical High School, Michelle Carter would be found guilty and sent to the slammer for life.

The 20-year-old is accused of urging her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide in 2014. Prosecutors are seeking a conviction of involuntary manslaughter based on a series of text messages she sent the teen before his death.

“Encouraging someone who is suicidal to kill himself is pushing them off a cliff,” said Louis Brooks, a 17-year-old junior. “He was close to the edge and she could have told him ‘I don’t want you to die’ and got help. Instead she told him to do it and she’s the reason he’s dead.”

Carter was 17 when the 18-year-old Roy died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his pickup truck at a store parking lot in Fairhaven. Her lawyer has argued that the texts are protected free speech.

She was indicted in 2015 and appealed, and took the case to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. The court ruled that she could stand trial for her alleged role in Roy’s death. She faces up to 20 years in prison.

In the ruling, the court found that Carter’s “virtual presence” at the time of the suicide and the “constant pressure” she had placed on Roy, who was vulnerable, were enough proof for an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Peabody may lack guidance

Jess Cahill, 17, and a junior at Classical, said the involuntary manslaughter does not go far enough. “Manslaughter is when you accidentally kill someone,” she said. “This was not an accident, it was purposeful, she told him to do it. She should be charged with murder one because this was premeditated. It’s the same thing as taking a knife and stabbing someone.”

Seventeen-year-old Brandi Conlon agrees.

“It was so wrong,” she said. “Telling someone it’s OK to kill himself gives them the power to do it. It’s so sad. How could you encourage someone to do that? She should have tried to stop him.”

On Friday, a forensic investigator who examined computers owned by Roy testified that the teen searched suicide methods.

Steven Veronneau, a defense witness, said Roy visited a website that explained, “Easy, quick and painless ways to commit suicide” and Googled, “suicide by cop.”

The defense also called a police officer to the stand, who said he found Roy with a swollen and cut face while responding to an assault report. The defense said Roy was depressed, in part, because of family abuse.

A judge denied the defense’s request for a not-guilty verdict.

Thomas Grillo can be reached at tgrillo@itemlive.comMaterial from Associated Press contributed to this report.

Doing it by the book in Malden

The new Little Free Library at 67 Ashland St. in Malden.

Malden is headed in a great direction with the efforts by Malden Arts, Malden Reads, and Friends of Oak Grove to bring neighborhood libraries back to the city.

The three groups are starting small to achieve a big objective. They want to set up a Little Free Library basically a wooden cabinet mounted on a pole and stocked with books in every city ward. The little libraries will employ the honor system to allow readers to take a book and leave a book.

The library initiative seeks to reverse a decline in library resources that it is not unique to Malden. The days of a formidable-looking librarian checking out a stack of books to a library patron or acquainting young readers with the Dewey Decimal System has gone the way of the overhead projector and the neighborhood fire box.

Modern libraries lend out books, but they also circulate DVDs and music and provide computer and Wi-Fi access. Books aren’t about to go the way of the horse and buggy, but younger readers want to access literature via an app or download.

Malden’s Free Little Library concept flies in the face of high technology even as it acknowledges the transformation of the traditional library into an institution meeting a modern world’s demands.

Lynn’s three beloved branch libraries closed more than 10 years ago and the main library on North Common Street remains one of the city’s architectural gems. The library’s dedicated staff has embraced the online world and provided patrons access to online resources.

Bringing back a good read in Malden

Believe it or not, Malden once had 11 neighborhood libraries with some located in local firehouses. The Little Free Library concept mirrors the neighborhood library tradition and provides Malden residents with an opportunity to start a conversation about the role libraries play in a community’s life.

Libraries are a place to enjoy relative solitude but they also serve as community gathering places. Lynn’s library hosts summertime activities that get kids out of the house and off the streets and allows parents and children to enjoy activities together.

Multiple libraries are expensive operating propositions for municipalities in an age of budget cuts. The buildings, the heating bills, and the staffing costs are bigger than most municipal budgets can absorb.

But the Free Little Library campaigners in Malden understand that libraries, even on a small scale, can become community focal points for people to meet and exchange ideas. They are replicating an idea started in 2009 that has spread across the country for the simple reason that it is fun and makes sense.

It will be great if the library-in-a-box concept taking root in Malden can spread to other local cities and towns and prompt community organizations, even businesses, to find more space for libraries.

Even a room with a book shelf and table and chairs is a place where people can relax for free and community concerns can give way to free-flowing exchanges.

Medford could become park place


MEDFORD — With registration for this summer’s recreation program now opening with 20 athletic and hands-on activities, Mayor Stephanie M. Burke is already making her case for a full time Recreation Department.

“In the winter of 2017, over 1,300 people responded to a survey designed to gather feedback about what our community wants to see in a Recreation Program in Medford,” Burke said.

Public forums have been held on the topic, along with the survey and a task force has met multiple times. Burke included a line item in the municipal budget proposal for fiscal year 2018, and says she is hoping it is backed by the Medford City Council.

“We’re excited to incorporate feedback we got from our survey into our summer program,” the mayor said. She said she hoped the Recreation Department proposal is supported, allowing the city to “offer year-round programming and will further incorporate the important feedback from the community gathered in the survey.”

Swampscott rail trail leads to the polls

This summer’s municipal recreation program offerings, based on ideas from surveys collected, could bolster support for a full-time department.

Returning this summer is the six-week Parks Program, which features a new format. From July 10 to August 18, there will be a city-staffed park featuring activities for youths ages 5-17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This year, all activities will take place in a different single park throughout Medford each week, bringing all youth together in one location. Park locations include Harris, Barry, Carr, Tufts, Morrison, and Playstead Park. Free lunch will be offered to all those under age 18 at all of the parks except Playstead.

In addition to the staffed park activities, specialized clinics and camps are being offered in sports including soccer, flag football, softball, swimming, and others for ages 3 to adults. Other non-sports activities for ages 5-14 will include computers, filmmaking, Lego workshops, and rocket making.

Burke urged all Medford parents and residents to check out the offerings this summer. For more information, call 781-393-2486 or request information via email at


Wayne Alarm: What small businesses should know



When starting a small business, safety concerns and state, or federal regulations for your business can be overwhelming. To help your business thrive, here are a few regulations to keep in mind:

  1. Client’s personal information should always be private and should be an important issue to have. In 2010, The Massachusetts Data Protection Plan created stricter and stronger privacy regulations. It allows businesses that collect and retain personal information from its customers to be seriously implemented. Personal information including social security number, driver’s license numbers, and financial accounts that include debit or credit card numbers can create a huge risk of unwanted private breaches. It is an issue that many small businesses aren’t aware of and should be at the top of their concerns in learning ways to prevent it, by ensuring employees are regularly proceeding with the rules given.
  2. Computers. Computers can easily be breached and hacked if precautions are not taken. It’s important to follow compliances such as following Windows update for operating system patches or using daily antivirus software to ensure that your computer system is not functioning as it should, but also being checked for possible malfunctions or breaches.
  3.  Credit card fraud has been known to be one of the top reasons for identity thefts. As of October of 2016, measures were put into place to increase the use of chip cards, giving customers and clients double security. This change allowed a decrease in the possibility of fraud from issuing banks to merchants who have yet to install EMV terminals.
  4.  4. The renovation, repair, and painting rule for public and commercial buildings is a rule that covers residential housing and is now being expanded to commercial buildings. While it is issued to protect people from exposure of lead dust, it’s main concern is towards small business. Small businesses who operate their business outside of their homes, or own the buildings where their business is located can face higher costs as well.


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Wayne Alarm: Utilizing security technology

With Wayne Alarm security systems, your business is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year by trained and certified professionals.

Security technology is constantly being developed and are considered one of the top securities to have in businesses as well as in homes. At home, you are able to monitor what and who goes in and out your home, if alarms are in place and if doors and windows have been shut tight  before leaving the house. With businesses, it’s no different and similar protocols should be taken regularly. Here are a few reasons why using the best security technology can help you manage your business:

  1. Businesses today are subject to security threats and vandalism. Technology can easily be used to protect confidential executive decisions, financial data, client information, etc. By having computers and servers with passwords, businesses can ensure projects and information won’t be stolen.
  2. Using systems such as Wayne Alarm Access Control, keep you and your employees safe at all times. With the access control, you are able to have interface video security with your card system. It also includes the feature of creating a map with active icons for system status, control doors, and even show employee photos as they go through protected doors. For businesses, features that have integrated motion detectors, glass breaks and panic buttons help track and assign alarm conditions in case of an emergency.
  3. Video surveillance can be beneficial for businesses! Monitoring shoplifting and making sure everything else stays in place, having video surveillance gives you 24/7 security at all times. With surveillance, you can also receive an e-mail or video notification sent straight to your mobile device.

There are several advantages of having a modern security set-up in businesses that can and need to be taken advantage of. Protecting your assets shouldn’t be compromised. At Wayne Alarm, we understand that and help protect you and your business.