Fire at Kowloon

June 7, 2017

Fire crews respond to Kowloon Restaurant.


SAUGUS — An electrical fire at Kowloon Restaurant Wednesday night was quickly extinguished by restaurant employees, said Fire Chief Michael Newbury.

Newbury said a small fire broke out in a storage area of the 948 Broadway restaurant, where takeout boxes and other dry items are kept. The Saugus Fire Department responded just after 7:40 p.m. and found that the restaurant’s employees had already extinguished the flames.

Linda Tessler, who is visiting from California, was at the restaurant for the first time when the smoke alarms went off and hundreds of customers were evacuated for about 45 minutes.

“We were eating dinner and the smoke alarms starting going off,” said Tessler, who also reported smoke in the kitchen area. “They evacuated us. But the food is great. This is exciting.”

The electrical inspector and building inspector were also on scene, said Newbury. The sprinklers did not turn on during the fire, he said.

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