15 car break-ins reported in Marblehead

January 24, 2017


MARBLEHEAD — Car break-ins were a pain in the neck for Marblehead residents over the weekend.

Police reported that close to 15 vehicles were entered since Saturday night, with most break-ins occurring on Marblehead Neck. Cars were broken into on five streets on the neck — Kimball Street, Ocean Avenue, Dennett Road, Flint Street and Nanepashemet Street — and Fort Sewall Terrace on the mainland.

“The suspect(s) appear to be operating under the cover of darkness and capitalizing on little pedestrian and vehicular traffic to accomplish their thievery without detection,” Marblehead Police said in a statement.

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Some of the vehicles were unlocked, but others were secured and alarmed. In some instances, the cars were rummaged through, with nothing taken, but property was stolen in other cases. Some of the items taken included change, cash, jewelry, purses, clothing, phone accessories, glasses and prescription medication, police said.

In some instances, car alarms were set off and were heard sounding throughout the affected neighborhoods, but no calls to police were made. Police said car alarms are often set off accidentally, and are commonly heard going off in town, but warned residents that there is sometimes a legitimate reason for their activation.

“While it goes without saying that we all should be able to leave our property in our cars and have it be there in the morning, there are some people in the world who don’t think like the rest of us,” police said in a statement. “Please, help us to help you by taking your belongings inside and by calling 911 if you hear or see anything or anyone prowling around, or if car alarms are sounding in your neighborhood.”

Police are urging anyone who thinks their car has been entered, with or without anything stolen, to contact the department at (781) 631-1212.

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