Car crashes, takes down traffic post

June 18, 2017

A man, who said his brakes failed, crashed his Toyota Camry into a traffic post and caused damage to the RightSPINE Chiropractic office.


SWAMPSCOTT — A car drove onto the sidewalk early Saturday night, taking down a traffic post, and damaging the storefront of a local chiropractor’s office.

Swampscott police department said the driver of the car had just gotten into an accident approximately a third of a mile away on Paradise Road.

The driver reportedly told police his brakes had failed.

Pictures from the scene of the accident, courtesy of Swampscott Police Department, show the Toyota Camry on the sidewalk of New Ocean Street and Burrill Street, with the nose of the car causing slight damages to RightSPINE Chiropractic office at 70 New Ocean St. The traffic post is lying over the hood of the driver’s car.

The owner of the office, Dr. Mark Friedman, said he received a call from his patient when mountain biking, alarming him that a car had crashed into his office.

His wife, Patricia Friedman, went to the office immediately and saw one victim being taken in an ambulance, she said.

The building had minor damages and Dr. Friedman will be seeing patients during his regular business hours on Monday.

Officials reported there were only minor injuries to the driver.

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