Looking for a career change?

March 28, 2017

Are you a passionate fitness professional or dance enthusiast looking to take your training to the next level? Are you a Barre fanatic looking to make a career out of this fun and effective method? Join us March 25 and 26 for Level 1 of Barre Teacher Training and certification at our studio in Lynn, led by Jessica Little of Magnolia Fitness of Portland, ME. Here’s what the ladies of Magnolia Fitness have to say about their method:

“Our Barre teacher training will offer you all the tools you need to be a polished instructor fully prepared to teach the dynamic pace of Barre classes. Our Barre teacher training focuses on anatomical alignment, which is at the heart of each of our intelligent movement classes. The training offers a large array of exercises used to build your repertoire and offers you a complete understanding of dynamic opposition, teaching methodologies, body language assessment, and hands-on adjustments.”

“This Barre teacher training program is truly unique in its approach! Our Barre training method creates movement exercises from an anatomically and structurally sound perspective. We are driven by quality not quantity, and strive to create teachers who view themselves as movement educators, not just fitness instructors. Teachers who tend to gravitate towards our programs naturally represent our brand with the integrity and respect it is already known for. In this same vein of quality over quantity we limit training sizes.”

Visit our website, soulcityom.com for more details and to sign up and start living your passion today!

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